Compelled to Write “Fly Far Away”

After reading “My Name is Bridget” by Alison O’ Reilly and the tragic mother baby reports recently released in Ireland I was compelled to sit at the piano and begin to write this song

The song is wholly dedicated to those who have been affected by the mother and baby homes in Ireland . I hope for this song to bring us together and to bring healing and uplift those who have felt loss

The picture of Galway Bay in the cover of the single was photographed by Leonardo Andrés Ancebú . This was taken the same week of the the release of the mother baby home reports . It is a beautiful photo that shows that in the darkness light can shine through in the hope of us coming together to help us all heal together

I would like to Thank Billy Farrell for his amazing work producing the song, Aidan Grennelle for his wonderful graphic design work on the cover of the song, the Photographer Leonardo Andrés Ancebú, Alison O Rielly for “My Name is Bridget” and Laura Murphy for the incredibly Powerful letter to An Taoiseach to retract a part of the apology and highlight we must not again abandon those who have been abandoned.

Published by Annette Joy

Irish Singer Song writer from Dublin. Have grown up with the love for music by being surrounded by a musical family since an very early age. My inspiration to sing and write comes from the heart where all the emotions come from to make us feel Joy , sadness, love and healing.

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